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Blair, Well-Equipped To Be Sent To The Hague As A War Criminal

Peace Palace

International Court of Justice

Peace Palace

I couldn’t help but notice the bizarre Fourth of July editorial in the Columbus Dispatch entitled in part, “. . . Blair well-equipped to be special mideast envoy.” The Dispatch, which has been highly critical of Bush’s illegal and genocidal war against Iraq, gushes over Bush’s “poodle” – as he’s known to the British tabloids. But, former Prime Minister Tony Blair was far more than a poodle. He was a fellow gangster and co-conspirator in a war that violated every principle of Nuremberg and UN Charter. In short, what Blair is uniquely qualified for is prison. Or the gallows.

The Dispatch writes “Blair is trusted by Israelis and Palestinians.” Since it is an editorial, they cite no proof. In reality, Blair is one of the most hated men among Middle East Arabs as well as pan-Islamic forces throughout the region. It’s hard to think of a worse envoy for peace than a man who whole-heartedly endorsed the slaughter of Iraqi people and went along with the deliberate lies and cooking of intelligence that led to the imperialist war and occupation of Iraq.

Blair’s lasting legacy are the Downing Street memos which show that his government knew that Bush and Cheney were liars and war mongers.