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Cannabinomics Cover

Clearing the Air: Christopher Glenn Fichtner, M.D. writes wrongs with
“Cannabinomics” – The Marijuana Policy Tipping Point

Cannabinomics is not a medical handbook, a drug war treatise, or an economic model, so much as a work of patient and public policy advocacy. It looks at real-world medical cases, recent trends in successful policy reform, drug war costs, and the potential economic benefits of cannabis change. Brilliantly, Dr. Fichtner examines—then debunks—many of the common misconceptions about marijuana. The gutting of our economic democracy has been occurring for years and can be found in reams of books and volumes of eyewitness testimony, but nowhere has the case for the theft of American health by their supposed corporate protectors been laid out as brilliantly as when Dr. Christopher Glenn Fichtner clears all the smoke and mirrors with his new book, Cannabinomics: The Marijuana Policy Tipping Point (Well Mind Books, 2010).
A firestorm of controversy has erupted over Dr. Fichtner’s new book Cannabinomics that proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, what happens behind the iron medical curtain when Americans are shown how to take ownership of this homegrown commodity and facilitate system-learning that could help solve larger global drug war problems.

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