Jerry Interviews Bob 9/16/06

In this interview, Bob Fitrakis details the various means by which the Republican Party, led by current Ohio Secretary of State, Kenneth Blackwell, rigged the 2004 election results in Ohio and assured George Bush’s (literally) taking the state.

Fitrakis has won the Green Party Nomination for Governor of Ohio and this November he will be facing Republican Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell and Democrat Ted Strickland.

His running mates, Anita Rios and Tim Kettler are both involved in lawsuits against Blackwell’s official actions which disenfranchised substantial numbers of voters in the last election. Fitrakis, Rios, and Kettler are campaigning (as Greens) to clear the miasma created by both major parties and their big money contributors and operations.

He and Jerry discuss the fact that they both have a love for exposing fraud and corruption and shining the light of truth into the dark corners of the political world.

He’s optimistic about winning the election—or as he puts it, he subscribes to the notion of, “Pessimism of the mind and optimism of the heart.” If elected, his first action will be to prohibit the Ohio National guard from being deployed to Iraq. Which, he knows will result in legal actions and they will be deployed anyway, but the illegality of the war will nevertheless be brought to the fore in the ensuing discussions.

Naturally, Jerry took the opportunity to mention the Muskogee Impeachment Grand Jury during the course of the discussion.