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“How Ohio Pulled It Off” – A FREE film showing at the Drexel Gateway

“How Ohio Pulled It Off” – a FREE film showing at the Drexel Gateway
This locally produced film chronicles the theft of the 2004 election in Ohio by Kenneth Blackwell and the voting rights activists that dogged him throughout his run for governor in 2006. After the 2004 election, Blackwell wrote an article in the Washington Times with the headline: “How Ohio Pulled It Off.” This atrocity of arrogance was followed by Ohio activists pulling aside the curtain and exposing the corruption and dirty tricks Blackwell employed to steal the election for Bush/Cheney, as the Co-Chair of their Ohio campaign. What Ohio activists REALLY pulled off was the resounding defeat of Blackwell in 2006! A great film – don’t miss it! Discussion to follow.
http://howohiopulleditoff.com/[google 5766652732462858977]


Thursday, October 18 – 7:00pm
Admission is FREE

THIRD THURSDAY THEATER NIGHT! Every third Thursday at 7:00PM
Documentary films brought to you by the Free Press and the Drexel Gateway

1550 North High St., Columbus, OH 43201
Parking in parking garage right behind theater off 11th Ave. – low prices, first floor is one-hour only
More info: 253-2571, truth@freepress.org