Placard Near Holts Office

Nice perspective Paul!
From Paul Lehto, Lawyer In the Bilbray/Busby debacle in San Diego.

In 1938 when Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds scared the bejesus out of the United States, the Martians actually landed, as reported on the radio, (according to the blog below) right near Congressman Rush Holt’s Princeton, New Jersey district office.  Give or take a mile, it seems to me.  But that’s close enough for government work. 
The Martian landing is commemorated by a plaque in Van Ness Park, and you can see the plaque in a picture on this blog. 
It is not known if the invasion directly or indirectly caused any of the provisions in HR 811.  In any case, HR 811 sounds so much like reform, it fools a lot of people!
Also within a mile or so of the Martian landing and Congressman Holt’s district office are the offices of the vendor Avante.  Avante calls itself “the world’s first” maker of voter-verified paper records for DREs — and is clearly an employer in Rush Holt’s congressional district. It’s doubtful that any Avante executives contribute to Holt’s campaigns in any way, no sense in looking into such things.  
Avante also has a bunch of interesting Homeland Security products, like the “Baggage Handling And Air Transport Security Solution”  Plus an ID tag that allows folks to be tracked.  It looks like they’ve got TRAKKER trademarked several times.   ACCESS-TRAKKER,  LIVESTOCK-TRAKKER and (yes, indeed) Vote-TRAKKER (world’s first voter verified paper record!!). Of course, the Vote-TRAKKER won’t track who you are or HOW you voted, or anything else.  That’s why it’s called TRAKKER, silly!!
Daniel Hopsicker suggests that war of the worlds was actually a psych warfare experiment.  See, e.g.  and )  OThers say that’s bull.
 I only wish this would have been disclosed so that we would know that HR 811 was an important Homeland Security TRAKKER project, I would have realized more readily the need.   

Paul R Lehto, Juris Doctor