Missing Voting Machines In Franklin County, Ohio?


Ah, the coverup continues. Michael R. Hackett, Jr., a Democratic
retired deputy director of the Franklin County Board of Elections is
being charged with illegal conflicts of interest regarding steering a
contract for voting machine carts to a company he and his wife
allegedly had an interest in.

Hackett was the supposed guard dog to protect Democratic interests in
the 2004 election in Franklin County when, under his watch, 125 voting
machines disappeared on November 2, 2004 from Democrat-rich Columbus
polling sites.

None were missing from Republican suburban locations.

The myth is that Ohio’s so-called “bipartisan” county
election systems are foolproof, and Democratic interests are protected.
The reality is that both parties have stacked the Board of Elections –
high-paying, public jobs with the worst sorts of political operatives
and hacks. As Patsy Gallina, the Diebold lobbyist who gave a check to
Franklin County Board of Elections Matt Damschroder once said,
“I found when you take care of the Democrats’ personal needs, they’re
not as partisan.”