The Columbus Dispatch Finally “Gets” Vote Flipping

diebold_1a.jpgFinally, the Columbus Dispatch did some real reporting on the problems endemic to e-voting machines. On page 1B of the November 8, 2007 Dispatch, Barbara Carmen and Bruce Cadwallader do a nice job of reporting on how Franklin County Board of Elections (BOE) officials refused to remove the name of Jay G. Perez from the ballot. Perez, an unendorsed Dem running for judge, withdrew on September 8, well prior to the November 6 election day. Perez ended up with 7% of the vote, with the endorsed Democrat Patsy Thomas losing by 5% to the Republican candidate.

The Dispatch wrote the following account of the explanation given by Franklin County BOE officials: “While the electronic machines are high-tech, election officials say they are less nimble at permitting last-minute corrections than the old machines.”

The article goes on to offer one of the most damning assessments of e-voting ever offered in print in the following paragraph: “Election officials from other counties confirm that pulling a candidate’s name after the database has been sent could shift the ballot: candidates’ names might no longer align with the tally of the votes.”

The Dispatch has broken from the mainstream media press’ penchant to call this problem a “computer glitch” or “recalibration” problem. It’s vote flipping. It’s recording the wrong vote. In 2006, it most likely cost Carol Squire the election for Domestic Judge in Franklin County when the uncertified software and hardware was added to the e-voting machines after the ballot was set.

In 2004, ES&S, Diebold and Triad technicians were documented showing up around rural Ohio and “tweaking” the machines with new software and patches just prior to Bush’s unexpected victory. A victory that contradicted the exit polls showing a 3 point Kerry win.

Let’s see, a 3 point Kerry win becomes a 3 point Bush victory at the last second. People tell us they voted one way and the machines appear to record another.

E-voting has destroyed American democracy.