Three important events for you from the Free Press

ELECTION DAY – if you have any problems, call 614-253-2571 or 614-374-2448. Suzanne will be at 1021 E. Broad Street all day, if you want to help with Election Protection, Video the Vote, or you have a problem at the polls.

MOVE TO AMEND HOUSE PARTY: November 9th, 2011, 7:00 PM. Move to Amend Democracy House Party. Conference call with Bernie Sanders. Friends and neighbors will come together to plan local actions for the January 21 anniversary of the Citizens United ruling. Move to Amend’s goal for these house parties is to orchestrate massive collective action on January 21 to educate our communities about the negative impacts of Citizens United and Corporate Personhood and to demand a decisive end to corporate rule with a Constitutional amendment that clearly states that a corporation is NOT a person and money is NOT speech! Hosted by the Free Press. Location: 1021 E. Broad Street, side door, parking in front or rear. RSVP to truth@freepress.org or call 614-253-2571.

FREE PRESS SECOND SATURDAY SALON: Saturday, November 12th, 2011, 6:30 PM – Midnight. Second Saturday Salon at the Free Press. Special screening and discussion of the 30-minute video “The Response” on Guantanamo. More information at http://www.theresponsemovie.com. Enjoy food, drink, music, art, good friends and acquaintances for socializing, networking, and just relaxing and having fun. Location: 1021 E. Broad St., east side door, parking in rear. Contacts: truth@freepress.org or call 614-253-2571.