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Dr. Fitrakis on Jerry Pippin Show

Jerry Interviews Bob 9/16/06

In this interview, Bob Fitrakis details the various means by which the Republican Party, led by current Ohio Secretary of State, Kenneth Blackwell, rigged the 2004 election results in Ohio and assured George Bush’s (literally) taking the state.

Fitrakis has won the Green Party Nomination for Governor of Ohio and this November he will be facing Republican Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell and Democrat Ted Strickland.

His running mates, Anita Rios and Tim Kettler are both involved in lawsuits against Blackwell’s official actions which disenfranchised substantial numbers of voters in the last election. Fitrakis, Rios, and Kettler are campaigning (as Greens) to clear the miasma created by both major parties and their big money contributors and operations.

He and Jerry discuss the fact that they both have a love for exposing fraud and corruption and shining the light of truth into the dark corners of the political world.

He’s optimistic about winning the election—or as he puts it, he subscribes to the notion of, “Pessimism of the mind and optimism of the heart.” If elected, his first action will be to prohibit the Ohio National guard from being deployed to Iraq. Which, he knows will result in legal actions and they will be deployed anyway, but the illegality of the war will nevertheless be brought to the fore in the ensuing discussions.

Naturally, Jerry took the opportunity to mention the Muskogee Impeachment Grand Jury during the course of the discussion.

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Bob Fitrakis at Santa Monica Teach-In on Election Fraud And Other Things

From LA City Beat http://tinyurl.com/etxhr

Enter the Fraudbuster          


[Elections] Enter the Fraudbuster

When John Kerry conceded Ohio to George W. Bush in 2004, the mainstream media shrugged off all the strange questions about the elections there and the GOP got away with its most rigged federal election since, well, Florida in 2000. But Bob Fitrakis and the writers at Columbus, Ohio’s decades-old lefty news organization, The Free Press, started digging. The end result was a blistering series of articles, precinct-by-precinct poll results, and hard evidence showing how Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell, who was also running Bush’s state campaign, used dirty tricks to keep as many as 350,000 Democrats from casting legal, counted votes in that election.

Fitrakis published that work as a fat, 772-page tome titled Did George W. Bush Steal America’s 2004 Election? A whole bunch of it then turned into an equally blistering congressional report by Rep. John Conyers (D-Mi), and was then reprised by Christopher Hitchens in Vanity Fair and in a June Rolling Stone story by Robert Kennedy, Jr., who managed to move it back into the mainstream in crystal clear detail.

Now Fitrakis, who is a political science professor in the Social and Behavioral Sciences department at Columbus State Community College, is the Green Party candidate for governor in Ohio – if only so he has standing to sue his opponent, Ken Blackwell, if there’s any funny business.

“Our main function in the campaign has been about transparency in the elections and our pledge is to make sure every vote is counted,” Fitrakis says from a campaign stop in Detroit. “I fully intend to sue Mr. Blackwell if he attempts to steal another election in Ohio.”

Fitrakis makes a campaign stop here in Los Angeles this Saturday, first at an elections forum and then at a fundraising dinner hosted by Gore Vidal. But Fitrakis is taking the fight higher. In October, he’s making a formal request for U.N. election watchers to monitor the Ohio contest.

(This event happened Sat 16th Sept.)Election Protection Forum “If They Could Steal Ohio They Could Steal California,” with Gore Vidal, Debra Bowen, Maxine Waters, Brad Friedman, Mimi Kennedy, and Bob Fitrakis, Immanuel Presbyterian Church, 3300 Wilshire Blvd. Sat., 3-5 p.m. $10 requested donation. Info at Socalgrassroots.org. “The State of Our Democracy,” dinner discussion with Vidal, Fitrakis, and Ian Masters, 3717 Mountainview, Mar Vista. Sat., 7-9:30 p.m. $50, RSVP essential. Call Pat at (310) 390-8141 or Sheri at (310) 397-6011.

–Dean Kuipers

Also Here is a video of Dr. Fitrakis during the ongoing challenge of the 2004 Election investigation.

Now that the Doctor is back we will have more for you, so stay tuned!


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If The President Is Spying On Americans


Blackwell Faces Green Challenger in Ohio Governor Race

By Matthew Cardinale, News Editor and National Correspondent
Atlanta Progressive News (September 16, 2006)

(APN) ATLANTA – “People need somebody running who can keep Blackwell from stealing an election. Democrats can’t say ‘Quit stealing,'” Bob Fitrakis, 50, told Atlanta Progressive News.

Fitrakis has won the Green Party Nomination for Governor of Ohio and this November he will be facing Republican Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell and Democrat Ted Strickland.

“There’s a socialization process in the media that ‘By god, you don’t challenge the results of the election.’ Because the corporate media would fry them,” Fitrakis said.

Fitrakis is running for many reasons, but one of these is to “give me some [legal] standing,” in case of elections integrity issues in the 2006 Gubernatorial Election in Ohio.

Fitrakis is an amazing person. In addition to running for Governor of Ohio, he is a Professor of Political Science at the Columbus State Community College, the Editor of the Columbus Free Press Newspaper, and an attorney.

Fitrakis’s Republican opponent Blackwell is pretty amazing too.

While apparently treating Blacks not-so-well as Secretary of State during the 2004 Presidential Election in Ohio, Blackwell was also the Co-Chair of the Bush/Cheney Reelection Committee in Ohio. Read more


Doctor Robert Fitrakis Speaks On His Candidacy For Ohio Governor With Harvey Wasserman

Here is a recording of a show (via www.freepress.org/podcasts) done July 1, 2006 just after Dr. Fitrakis’ candidacy for governor petitions were accepted.

Special Guest, Richard Hayes Phillips, tries to explain 359 consecutive ballots cast for Mr. Bush in the precinct by precinct inspection of ballots and other things in the Ohio (Mexican?) election.

If you had doubts about Ohio election improprieties, doubt no more.

The Editor

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How The GOP Stole America’s 2004 Election And Is Rigging 2008

From the blog Editor:

We will present some recorded audio from time to time when Dr. Fitrakis is busy doing other things to enlighten us here in Ohio and the rest of the planet!..

You can go to www.freepress.org/podcasts for more audio.

The first is Dr. Fitrakis  live on Community Forum speaking about his and Harvey Wasserman’s book How the GOP stole America’s 2004 election and is rigging 2008, and the second a very short clip on Tom NOE the coin dealer, who was just sentenced to 17 months in prison with still more charges pending.


The Editor


Columbus Dispatch Distains Fact-based Reality

Sorry that I haven’t blogged in awhile. Been busy with many things, particularly the Save the Ballots campaign. I was helping coordinate research information related to the recent lawsuit by civil rights attorneys to save the ballots from the 2004 presidential election from destruction.

The mainstream corporate media’s coverage has been somewhat confusing. The New York Times wrote a ground-breaking story on Thursday, August 31 that everyone should read. It mentioned my forthcoming book , co-authored with Harvey Wasserman and Steve Rosenfeld, “What Happened in Ohio? A documentary record of theft and fraud in the 2004 election” by the New Press. While the Times coverage was great, as well as their follow-up editorial questioning e-voting, Ohio’s parochial papers like the Columbus Dispatch have continued their legacy of covering up the election theft and pretending like Ken Blackwell is an honest man.

Recently, they chastised Ted Strickland after their first debate (which did not include Bill Peirce and myself, despite the fact that we are gubernatorial candidates) for suggesting that Blackwell played a key role in Bush becoming president in 2000. Oddly, right wing political sites and the Bush family called J. Kenneth their “secret weapon” and assigned him the role of key election law advisor during the 2000 race in Florida.

The Dispatch has a long history of stating counter-factual information regarding Ken Blackwell and the Bush family’s illegal stealing of two elections. Take today’s paper, that quotes unnamed election officials “at the state and county levels” as saying it was “highly unlikely, if not impossible” for ballots to have been double-punched disproportionately in urban areas in the 2004 election, causing an “overvote” and consequently nullifying votes in heavily pro-Kerry areas. What the Dispatch hasn’t done with its enormous resources, is send its lazy and complacent reporters into actual Boards of Elections to look at real ballots.

On the other hand, the Columbus Institute for Contemporary Journalism/Free Press, with no fulltime staff member, has coordinated efforts that led to researchers looking at more than 50,000 actual ballots. A then-Dispatch reporter informed the Free Press that Michael Dawson, the media spokesperson for U.S. Senator Mike Dewine, lobbied the Dispatch editorial board not to assign any investigative resources to the 2004 election.

That’s why the Free Press is leading the charge to save the ballots, while the Dispatch, which hasn’t endorsed a Democratic presidential candidate since 1916, is leading the coverup.

Yesterday, Sept. 7, U.S. District Court Judge Algernon Marbley ordered all of Ohio’s 88 Boards of Elections to preserve all ballots in paper or electronic form from the 2004 presidential election until the civil rights suit, by inner city black organizations against Ken Blackwell, is resolved. Perhaps the Dispatch may throw off its partisan cloak and act like newspapers did in Florida, and actually count the statewide ballots. You remember:  when all the ballots were actually counted, they found that Gore won. Still, the Dispatch seems comfortable in its non-fact-based reality. Being a closely-held corporation, owned by a multimillionaire Republican family, doesn’t create much incentive for facts.

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J. Katrina Blackwell

J. Katrina Blackwell hates the anniversary of the worst natural disaster in U.S. history. When you want to run the Bush Bantustan of Ohio and you’re counting on peeling black voters from the Republican Party, there’s nothing more disturbing than to recall black faces floating down the streets of New Orleans and desperate African Americans trapped on roofs. Once Ohio’s African American voters are reminded that Blackwell is a front for the Bush crime family, and he’s never really called their policies into question in New Orleans, his black vote evaporates. 

So, when you think of the anniversary of the greatest domestic policy failure in our nation’s history, remember that a vote for Ken Blackwell is a vote for Bush and his racist Katrina policy. 

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Save the Ballots!

We have one week to save the ballots from the 2004 presidential election in Ohio. Although many Democrats remain in denial, because John Kerry told them to shut up, the ballots are evidence of one of the worst crimes in American history.

Whether it’s the absurd claim that the last 359 voters in a Delaware precinct all voted for Bush, or that 36 straight people spoiled their ballots and had to use replacement ballots in Clermont County, or that people only double-punched ballots in urban heavy-Kerry precincts – Karl Rove, Ken Blackwell and a few of their technician friends and theocratic robots stole Ohio blind. The proof is in the ballots. They must be saved.

D-day, destruction of the ballots day, by law is September 3, 2006. The law does not REQUIRE the destruction of the ballots, but merely allows them to be destroyed at the “discretion” of the county boards of elections. When I visited Miami County’s Board of Elections, I found election records there dated back to the 1970’s. But, I’m not sure the boards of elections will keep those from the controversial 2004 election.

So here’s my call to action:
Call Ohio boards of elections and demand they save the ballots from the 2004 presidential election – for investigative and historical purposes. Suggest they turn them over for archiving at colleges, libraries or the Ohio Historical Society. It is important to let election officials know Ohio’s voters want the ballots to be saved!

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Two Candidates Do Not A Dictatorship Make

Heard Ted Strickland speak the other day at the Chamber of Commerce gubernatorial candidate breakfast at the Holiday Inn on the Lane in Columbus – best moderate Republican political talk I’ve ever heard. American politics runs in cycles. We’ve swung dramatically to the right since the appearance of Ronald Reagan and his CIA sidekick George the Elder. I walked out before I was condemned to the rhetoric of J. Kenneth. I wasn’t invited anyway.

Part of the problem with inviting third party candidates like Bill Peirce and I, is that there would be actual debate and innovative ideas. The next thing you know, a marketplace of ideas would flourish. There would be real political debate and, heaven forbid, democracy might break out. By merely having Strickland and Blackwell, you can span the political spectrum from theocratic Christo-fascism a la Blackwell, to modern 50s Republicanism a la Strickland. I suppose you could make the argument that having two candidates constitutes one more than a dictatorship.

If we are to change the disastrous course the Bush regime is on, Strickland cannot make arguments appealing to the right. He must feel the heat of the progressive forces to his left. If Strickland wins the governorship of Ohio by embracing Republicanism, the people of Ohio will lose. If you really believe in democracy, you should fight for democratic principles. That includes all certified candidates in the debate.

Bob Taft understood this. Why doesn’t Ted Strickland?

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Tremendous Void In Columbus’ Black Community With The Loss Of WVKO

It was great to be back live on “Front Street”, the public affairs radio talk show that used to be on WVKO 1580AM here in Columbus – back with my old pal Charles Traylor.

For ten years I was the only white talk show host on a black-owned and operated radio station, thanks to the late and legendary Bill Moss. First, I was on WSMZ starting in 1996 until 2002 when I moved to WVKO, a black gospel station.

The station, like the Free Press was committed to Old Testament righteousness. Speaking truth directly to the powerful. Sadly, it went off the air on May 5, 2006. Convenient for Ken Blackwell, since it was the station that broadcast live the hearings we held in Columbus to hear testimony from voters about the 2004 election debacle.

There’s a tremendous void in Columbus’ black community with the loss of WVKO, and there’s a greater need than ever for alternative voices. That’s why I’ll continue to blog, stream and podcast my thoughts throughout this election. We must break the corporate for-profit oligarchy that controls the infotainment business.

All power to the people!