Ohio Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell was forced to reveal Monday in an Ohio Ethics filing that he had inadvertently invested in the notorious voting machine company, Diebold Inc. This is clearly a criminal act and Blackwell belongs in a jail cell. My favorite weasel words from the abysmally corrupt Republican gubernatorial candidate is that, because he didn’t know what his accountant and financial advisor were investing in, it’s “similar to a blind trust.”

The only people who would have to be blind are those who fail to see the deliberate theft of the election by Blackwell and the fact in April 2005, he personally negotiated what he called the “best in the nation” deal with Diebold to purchase their fraud-o-matic touch-screen machines for $2700. This, a la Halliburton, was an unbid contract.

The Diebold machines met with massive disaster in the November 2005 election as untrained workers lost memory cards and more votes that voters appeared in Carlisle and other Ohio cities.

Now Blackwell wants to be governor as a payback from the Bush boys. When he’s not busy courting white supremacists at secret meetings of the Council on National Policy, he’s busy fostering bigotry with the theocratic fascists around the huckster Rev. Rod Parsley.

People must flood the offices of Ohio officials demanding a full investigation of J. Kenneth Blackwell. Attorney Jim Petro is already being investigated by the FBI. Blackwell must be investigated as well. And, if in one of those Democratic counties where the Diebold machines malfunctioned, a warrant should sworn out for Hackwell’s immediate arrest.

The cry of this campaign should simply be: “Blackwell in a jail cell.” One of America’s leading criminals and leading crime figures has been caught with a criminal conflict of interest. Let justice be done.

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  1. takebackthehouse
    takebackthehouse says:

    This is a blockbuster. Hello? Are any laws still enforced in Ohio?

    If Blackwell is above the law and can get away with pretty much whatever he dares to do, why should he have to be subjected to the expense and bother of running for office? Seems like a huge waste of effort.

    Why not simply seize the governor’s mansion and be done with it? It would certainly be “stong and effective” political leadership.

    Unless — as may be discovered by the now-indicted Hammer, breaking the law STILL can send you to the Slammer.

  2. DieDieboldDie
    DieDieboldDie says:

    Yeah, it was the “best in the nation” deal, all right — for Blackwell.

    So he thinks he can arrange to steal whatever he wants — whether it’s an election or public funds. Not so fast, Kenny Boy. You’re getting sloppy.

  3. 48thRonin
    48thRonin says:

    Bob sure knows how to kick ass. It’s about time we had a candidate who tells it like it is…..and who knows what he is talking about.

    Let the wimps run for the middle ground. We need a strong, visionary, articulate governor like Fraudbuster Bob!

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