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Ten Key Values of the Green Party

http://www.gp.org/tenkey.shtml Ten Key Values of the Green Party Originally ratified at the Green Party Convention in Denver, CO, June 2000. TKV Flyer w/Spanish translation (PDF) Democracy is Coming (to the USA) Brochure (PDF) Platform Links 1. GRASSROOTS DEMOCRACY Every human being deserves a say in the decisions that affect their lives and not be subject […]

Bob’s Five Top Issues

FIGHT BACK WITH FITRAKIS ! Bob believes in: FULL EMPLOYMENT AND ECONOMIC JUSTICE • The right to unionize and collectively bargain • Full employment with fair wages and benefits • A Green New Deal And Green Job Creation • Worker representation on corporate boards • Infrastructure Repair Public Works Program • A fair tax code […]


Bob Fitrakis on “Fight Back”: Michael Keegan And Ohio Green Party Senate candidate Joe DeMare

Bob Fitrakis on “Fight Back”: The Davis Besse Nuclear Plant and Ohio Green Party Senate candidate Joe DeMare Bob interviews Michael Keegan of Beyond Nuclear and Joe DeMare, the Green Party’s candidate for Ohio Senate. Listen and call in this Wednesday, February 29 – 7-8 PM EST Call 877-932-9766 ******************************************************************* Here’s how to call in […]

Bob Fitrakis For Ohio U.S. Representative District 3 Green Party

Bob Fitrakis   Office sought: U.S. Representative District 3 Ohio Green Party Co-Chair Bob Fitrakis successfully filed petitions to be placed on the ballot in the new Franklin County 3rd Congressional district. Fitrakis, a lifelong educator is an educator of political science at Columbus State Community College and an attorney, who represented the Green Party in […]