Check out – the Top 50 Headlines of the Week includes a blog by Cincinnati’s Andrew Warner. He’s asking Strickland to drop out of Ohio’s governor race, so as not to be a “spoiler” for my campaign. Thanks for the insightful analysis, Andrew!

This Thursday, Rolling Stone subscribers should be getting a historic issue of the magazine with one of the most anticipated articles ever written. Voting rights activists are excited about the article written by Stone reporters, as well as an extended piece by Bobby Kennedy, Jr. on the Ohio 2004 presidential election. The article should be on the web by Friday.

We need to buy as many copies as we can get and make sure they’re widely distributed before the Bush White House breaks open one of its secret slush funds to keep this important article from being disseminated.

If you want to get a feel for what might be in the article, my good friends at the Ecological Options Network have now posted all their videos through Google, so enjoy these and let me know what you think:

Here are the Google links: 

Just released – Already getting rave reviews from activists:


a citizen call for election integrity 

An empowering, fast-moving 18-minute briefing on the dangers to democracy posed by privately owned electronic voting machines, what patriotic citizens, activists and officials of all parties are doing about it – and how you can help.     Includes dramatic documentary footage and interviews with Dolores Huerta, election lawyers Lowell Finley and John Eichorst, and Congresswomen Stephanie Tubbs-Jones, Lynn Woolsey and Cynthia McKinney.  Produced by EON – the Ecological Options Network in cooperation with and Mainstreet Moms –


Confronting America’s Electoral Crisis 

Leading researchers, journalists and activists from around the country present massive evidence of the unacknowledged electoral crisis in the United States… and what we can do about it. A shocking and empowering video documentary report based on presentations at the First National Teach-In on electoral reform in Oakland, California.  


Ohio attorney Bob Fitrakis

Investigative journalists Lynn Landes and Wayne Madsen Statistician Allyson Washburn

Researchers Emily Levy, Dr. Jonathan Simon

Activists, Megan Matson, Butch Wing, Medea Benjamin, Sharon Cornu & Walter Riley

Huffington Post’s Contagious Film Festival also has a new entry “Stolen Election ’04,” that includes film footage from Central Ohio on Nov 2, 2004 and many local activists including Susan Truitt, Cliff Arnebeck and the late Rev. Bill Moss. Here is a link: and Hackwell’s stolen election is about to enter mainstream popular culture.   


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