Dr Fitrakis Tonite On Radio Station 610 WTVN Columbus

bob_fitrakis020_mth.jpgDr. Fitrakis will air on 610 WTVN radio in Columbus tonight at 7:!5 Wednesday, October 18, 2006 on the Joel Riley show.

There is also an 8:00 P.M. appearence.

More details forth coming as they are received.

There is also a new Freepress article.

A loaves & fishes/Holy Ghost victory for the GOP in November?
by Bob Fitrakis & Harvey Wasserman
October 17, 2006

The polls all point to a Democratic sweep in November. The news pours in
about pedophile Republicans and Team Bush contempt for their fundamentalist
bedmates. Iraq implodes. Deficits soar. Katrina lingers. Scandal is everywhere.

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