To understand the character of Ken Hackwell, you need to understand his policy in running the secretary of state’s office. After reviewing the video of Monday’s scuffle with security when the statewide Ohio Green Party candidate petitions were filed, I see that the security guard was really clear:  no one may take a photo of candidates in the plaza outside in front of the building unless they’re pushed off to a public sidewalk. The only person who gets to decide who may hold a press conference at the Ohio secretary of state’s office is the Borden Building management and the secretary of state’s office. Anyone else must call the secretary of state’s office or the Borden Building management, who are paid by Hackwell to lease space to the secretary of state’s office.

As usual, Hackwell doesn’t see any conflict of interest here. Remember the procedure: Hackwell can hold a press conference in front of the Borden Building and secretary of state’s office by calling himself, and asking if he can have a press conference. All his political rivals must call a private company to which Hackwell’s public office pays a small fortune to every month. Or, call Hackwell’s office.

Hackwell has plenty of literature in his office on character and integrity. He refuses to release his campaign schedule to media as he slithers around the state meeting secretly with every pro-Armageddon rapture-ready rightwing lunatic he can find. Mr. Character still hasn’t explained how, as a public servant, he became a multimillionaire after getting loans from private banks in the radio business, where he had no experience. Hackwell’s a character all right, right out of an old Tamany Hall cartoon.

As I write, his election figure is 55 percent to Petro’s 45 percent, but perhaps Petro lost a few votes when a 61-year-old Cleveland voter took out two voting machines in frustration at the poll today. Kind of reminds me of the song, “If I had a hammer…”

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  1. 48thRonin
    48thRonin says:

    Hackwell has won the GOP nod. The Washington Post notes, with no irony, that, “Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell won the GOP nomination for governor after portraying himself as the best candidate to deliver his party from a year of political scandals and infighting.”

    Omigawd! Do we ever need Fraudbuster Bob now!

  2. Dave Kovacs
    Dave Kovacs says:

    In the interest of professionalism, wouldn’t it be useful to use the candidate’s actual name (ie. Blackwell)?

    It would make things considerably less annoying for voters who are considering our Green campaign.


  3. dael4
    dael4 says:

    With the mandatory paper trail is it possible to just do a recount regardless of how close or far the election was?

    And who ran the poll prior to election saying Blackwell was ahead?
    It all looks like it was all set up to me.

    May God save us…
    Watch the enlighning video of Hackwell in the of the PBS program NOW via Bradblog by clicking link below

  4. dael4
    dael4 says:

    I have great respect for the Green Party Dave but is there anything professional about stealing elections and putting Bush in the whitehouse who sent the US to war where 100,000+ people are killed. That is professional?

    A president who can’t pronounce nuclear right? Does it really matter?
    I understand your concern but respect here is NOT deserved.

  5. dael4
    dael4 says:

    With time to reflect….

    who was it that said, …. “in order to win you must respect your opponent?”

  6. Dave Kovacs
    Dave Kovacs says:

    In the interest of prudence, perhaps we should use his real name: Blackwell.

    To call him “Hackwell” is, in the first place, juvenile. It reminds me a joke from a fifth grader. To repeat it ad nauseum reminds me of too many people who lack skill in humor or rhetoric.

    At the end of the day, I am interested in logic. All red herrings, rhetorical tricks, and fallacies only serve to annoy me.


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