What would you give to have Karl Rove testify under oath about the flood of millionaire cash he used to influence elections in the last election cycle?

What would you give to have Rove forced to testify about his activities during the stolen election of 2004?

Priceless, you say? Then click the link in this email to donate to the Columbus (Ohio) Institute for Contemporary Journalism’s Election Protection and Litigation Fund, and make it happen!

Ohio election attorney Cliff Arnebeck has filed a two-count complaint against The Partnership for Ohio’s Future, an affiliate of the Ohio Chamber of Commerce. Arnebeck charges that the Partnership is “…not truly independent, but rather has been coordinated with the Republican candidates, their agents, committees, parties and their de facto coordinated national campaign being directed by Karl Rove.”

Attorneys for the Ohio Chamber have moved to dismiss the case, and you can bet that a veritable army of highly paid Republican attorneys is ready to go to the mats to make sure that Rove is not forced to reveal the GOP’s secrets.

Arnebeck, co-counsel Robert Fitrakis, and a small band of election protection activists have borne the costs of this litigation on their own so far, but they need our help. If we give them the resources, they have what may be the last opportunity to get Rove to speak on the record about his election deceptions of the last six years. Arnebeck and Fitrakis estimate that they will need $12,000 for fees, copying costs, and other non-lawyer expenses, plus at least $11,000 for attorney costs, bringing the total to $23,000.

Here is where you can go to make a tax-deductible donation to support the litigation: https://freepress.org/store.php#donate

Here are two articles that describe the current litigation:

Here is an archive of court documents (pdfs) at the Ohio State University Moritz College of Law that describes the King Lincoln Bronzeville Neighborhood Association versus Kenneth Blackwell lawsuit being brought by attorney Cliff Arnebeck and his team:

The election protection community helped to raise the money for the Ohio recount after the 2004 election. Let’s get together now to raise at least the $23,000 that will get Rove back on the stand and stop the flood of unmarked dollars that are undermining our democracy.