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Redistricting Bill in Ohio – What’s the Hurry?

My colleague, attorney Cliff Arnebeck, testified today on HJR 13, the redistricting reform bill. First of all, Arnebeck raised the key question: “What’s the hurry?” As polls show, the scandal-ridden Republican Party, in serious trouble nationally and in the state of Ohio, is scrambling to create their version of a “bipartisan” state redistricting apportionment board. Unlike Texas under the influence of Tom Delay, we still redistrict in Ohio the old-fashioned way – every ten years following the census. The real focus should be on securing the November 2006 election from the likes of Ken Hackwell.

Arnebeck asked why the Republicans opposed the 2005 Reform Ohio Now (RON) proposal as likely to produce politicians cutting deals in smoke-filled back rooms. Arnebeck is right in insisting that competitiveness should be at the core of any future redistricting and that we should probably wait until after the 2006 or even the 2008 election before we rush a redistricting plan through in what hopefully will be the last totally Republican-dominated Ohio legislature.

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  1. coyote
    coyote says:

    Well then let them have their cake? I think that the lasse faire attitude goes a long way to saving your strength for more worthy and well grounded times.

    Rove is a mystery that is not to hard to fathom…. he is now the 2006 Republican campaign advisor and all of the sudden a democrat is found to be taking bribes and all the republicans that are under investigation have not had their office searched? Who does the FBI service?

    Karl, you are slacking here….. get a prop before you fall over, eh?

    How close are the lies to reality when the smell of a skunk is about?

    Gonzoles defends spying when he has no access and the whole thing is a big secret???? How do these guys sleep at night.

    Question Authority and demand the truth and nothing else.

  2. justice
    justice says:

    The GOP is obviously trying to grab as much power as quickly as possible. What baffles me is the passivity of the Dems. I guess Bob and the Greens will have to be the people who play the role of a real opposition.

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