The “J” Is For Judas

Today I’m launching, in honor of the Columbus Dispatch’s poll on religion in Ohio, my “The ‘J’ is for Judas” campaign. If you wish to donate any money to my campaign by going to http://www.bobforohio.com/donate , I would like to begin buying billboards and bumper stickers and radio commercials.

J. Kenneth Hackwell is Judas. He took more than 30 pieces of silver. In fact, he’s a multimillionaire and he accomplished this while on a meager public salary as state treasurer. Remember, in 1978, Hackwell, then the Vice Mayor of Cincinnati, was co-chair of liberal Democratic Lieutenant Governor Richard Celeste’s campaign for Governor. People who knew Hackwell in the mid-70s constantly refer to his Black Power and progressive rhetoric. He still likes to use it as needed, to invoke Martin Luther King, Jr. while stealing the votes from poor and black people.

Hackwell is the perfect betrayer and hypocrite is far too kind a word for him. He piously, like the Pharisees, denounces abortion while making a pile of cash off the abortion pill. He’s opposed to gambling, but shocked that he has slot machine stock. Hackwell puts the “H” in political “ho” and puts the “J” in Judas. So yes, join the campaign. J. Kenneth Hackwell, the J is for Judas.

The religious community may yet see the light and the Lord sayeth, “You’re being played.”

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  1. kickass_in_columbus
    kickass_in_columbus says:

    I hope the controversy you generate will help the people of faith see that their honest convictions are being manipulated by a bunch of crooks.

  2. Dave Kovacs
    Dave Kovacs says:

    The “J is for Judas” campaign is marginally better than the “hackwell” approach. However, we saw how well the “W is for Wrong” campaign worked for Kerry.

    Here are some other ideas I like:

    Blackwell isn’t Black or Well

    How about this for a sticker: Vote Fitrakis—Where The Green Isn’t About the Money

    Vote No Against Stolen Elections
    Vote Yes for Fitrakis/Rios

    J is for Judas
    Fitrakis is for Honesty

    I’m just brainstorming and free associating here. Feel free to throw out some ideas.


  3. dael4
    dael4 says:

    Vote Fitrakis—Where The Green Isn’t About the Money


    If you hadn’t seen this on NOW about Ohio, Bradblog has it in FULL living color!!!! Check it out!
    Blackwell and the “religious” effort in Ohio.

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