What do we make of the aptly named Rev. Floyd Flake, president of Wilberforce University, signing on as Ken Blackwell’s Co-Chair? First, the press release is one of the weirdest in gubernatorial history. Blackwell, a former Democrat, calls the former Democratic Congressman Flake an educator, a statesman and a national leader – ironically, all the things that Blackwell is not. Flake says that “Ken Blackwell’s the leader Ohio needs right now.” Well, I suppose with George Wallace and Mussolini dead, there’s a dearth of theocratic neo-fascist ultra-nationalists who repress minority votes, so why not elect Blackwell?

Flake goes on the say that Blackwell understands the challenges faced by institutions of higher education. Indeed, Blackwell’s higher education plan and his economic policies would make it even more challenging as he cuts aid to higher education. It’s not often you’ll see a reverend flat-out lying, but what else can you make out of the bizarre statement that “Ken Blackwell’s solid, proven leadership will get Ohio cities back on track”? I guess, if the track is hunger, homelessness, and catering to rich white suburbanites, Blackwell’s capable of that track. Kind of a retro-white-is-right track.

Blackwell and Flake are both members of the Black Alliance for Educational Options (BAEO), a group of black self-proclaimed leaders who are funded primarily by white charities. This is an old tactic. W’s daddy, former CIA Director George Herbert Walker Bush, hated the civil rights movement and was elected as an anti-civil rights Congressman in 1966. But, after white supremacy and racism were no longer in vogue in the 70s, Bush the Elder embraced the United Negro College Fund and pushed wealthy white donors in that direction.

Already Black activists have called for a boycott of Wilberforce and the resignation of Flake. Students at Wilberforce waited for hours to vote in the 2004 election at the historically black college. Blacks waited 4-7 hours to vote in Franklin County during the 2004 due to the directives of Blackwell.

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  1. Dave Kovacs
    Dave Kovacs says:

    The Black Alliance for Educational Options is an organization dedicated to helping the upper-class, elite blacks, while leaving poor, urban blacks behind. Consider: The BAEO actively supports those black families who wish to send their children to charter schools (The Ohio Charter Schools Contract being a goldmine of wealth for white Republican Political Machine David Brennan). Meanwhile, as more wealthy blacks remove their students (and money) from public schools, inner-city, urban schools fall in quality at disturbing rates.

    Their mission statement, available at http://www.baeo.org/programs/?program_id=7
    makes clear their intention to help (or coerce) low-income black parents to send children to charter schools.

    Follow this to its logical conclusion and eventually the idea of public education has swallowed itself whole.

    For more information about Ohio’s Education crisis, please see: http://www.voteKovacs.com


  2. 48thRonin
    48thRonin says:

    How can people have such short memories? The vote at Wilberforce was a travesty. Thanks for telling the truth on this, Bob!

  3. working hard for bob
    working hard for bob says:

    Mr. Flake and Blackwell have a long history of supporting each other. Wilberforce University is 1 of 2 historic black universities in the state of Ohio. To the exclusion of everyone but Blackwell, Wilberforce would not permit any candidate to come to Wilberforce to address the students, except Blackwell. When I went to college, I thought it only befitting that different voices, platforms should be discussed. How can a pastor, especially a black pastor support any person (Blackwell), knowing full well that he, (Blackwell) went to the CNP, the Council for National Policy, KKK, and ask for an endorsement for his run for governor. Don’t you think that’s scarey? This is the man who wants to become our governor. If he did this to black people, can you imagine what he will do to white people?
    How do I know this is true? Blackwell put it up on his own website. That’s how we found it. If that is not shocking, tell me what is?

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