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Blackwell And The New Kleptocracy

Let a thousand lawsuits bloom! The coalition of civil rights groups that sued the state of Ohio and Blackwell, is to be congratulated. Voting should be a guaranteed constitutional right, like free speech. Voting should be standardized, universal and easy.

What the Republican Party is doing, all too often with spineless Democrat acquiescence, is shrinking the electorate while their corporatist Christo-fascist politics dedicated to war and massive war profiteering are alienating the majority of Americans. Blackwell’s latest anti-democratic directive, requiring each person who registers voters to individually return the form, is ludicrous – just like his directive for 80 bond un-waxed requirement for voter registration forms in 2004.

In a real democratic country, Blackwell would be serving time in jail for violating constitutional rights, not running as the gubernatorial candidate of a major party. Blackwell’s policies led to mass purging of voters in the 2004 election with nearly 25% of all the voters purged in the city of Cleveland. It led to the unnecessary and widespread use of provisional ballots. While Blackwell likes to point out there were a high rate of provisional ballots approved, that’s because in Republican-dominated counties the boards of elections never enforced his absurd rule that if you were a registered voter voting in the wrong precinct, but the right county, your vote wouldn’t be counted from the county level to the presidency.

Blackwell claims he’s not repressing “African American” votes although, despite being black, he loses the African American vote by 20% to Democratic opponents. This is true. Blackwell represses not only black voters, but the elderly, poor and college students – that is, all the traditional Democratic voting blocks and the core of liberal and progressive voters in Ohio.

There are many other areas that Blackwell should be sued over, but more than anything, there should be a criminal investigation on how he became a multi-millionaire while on the public payroll and the obvious trail on the 2004 stolen election. Instead of rewarding him for helping Bush (and now himself) steal elections, he should be punished. Blackwell symbolizing the death of democracy and the rise of a new kleptocracy – rule by thieves.

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  1. 48thRonin
    48thRonin says:

    I agree. How anyone can take Blackwell seriously after his many ways of disenfranchising voters is beyond me.

  2. takebackthehouse
    takebackthehouse says:

    More than ever, we need that federally guaranteed right to vote and to have our votes counted fairly that Jesse Jr is proposing.

  3. working hard for bob
    working hard for bob says:

    It is a shame and certainly a disservice that Dr. Bob is not permitted to speak/debate Ted Strickland and Blackwell. In order for one to make an intelligent decision, all candidates should be heard.

    Blackwell still intends to count his own votes, so what are we going to do about it? Well, I’ll tell you. Go to this website and fill in the form, which will be sent to all of our government officials.


    Email this website to all of your friends and family. We can make a difference. Do something different.

  4. wiseone
    wiseone says:

    The only fraud here, Bob, is your opinion. I hope you’re not selling this garbage about Ken Blackwell as fact.

    I read the piece on Blackwell in Columbus’ Other Paper and thought the writer did an excellent job in making the point that not all African Americans were against him. When I learned that East Cleveland Mayor Eric Brewer represents a city that’s 94 percent African American, and that he’s a Democrat willing to step forward to support “Brother” Ken, I had to learn more about him.

    This guy is no fly by night. On checking, Brother Brewer told me he wants to send Democrats a message that Ted Strickland’s candidacy is a slap in the face to loyal Black Democratic voters. He said the Democratic Party could have pressured Strickland to stay out of the race and ensured a head up competition between Columbus Mayor Mike Coleman and Blackwell. Racist Strickland new that if Blackwell won the primary against Jim Petro and Betty Montgomery, that there were some whites Ohioans who would never vote for a Black candidate. He said Strickland was calculating on picking up the white racist vote and the blind support of Black voters he knew would blindly support him regardless of his hidden motivation for even stepping into the race. He said Strickland supporters showed their disrespect further when he ignored an opportunity to make Cuyahoga County Peter Lawson Jones his running mate, and when he backed another racist, Chris Redfern, for state party chairman. Redfern and his people totally disrespected U.S. Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones and Dayton Mayor Rhine McLin during the state caucus to select another party boss. The pro-Black East Cleveland mayor told me he’s not excited about supporting another white male ticket in a party that does nothing but give lip service to diversity, so he’s going whole hog with Brother Ken to teach them a lesson.

    I asked him about whether or not he wants a job with Blackwell’s administration and he laughed and asked me “where did I get that bullshit from?” I told him it came from Fraudbuster Bob’s website and he said, “Who’s fraubuster Bob?”

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