Today I spent seven hours at the Cleveland Zoo for an Earth Day event. Not only did we collect hundreds of signatures, but we got some of the most politically educated and active people in the state of Ohio.

I am more convinced than ever that we are at a tipping point in Ohio and the United States. People see clearly that we need to develop alternative energy and build urban transit systems and light rail throughout our great state. There are plenty of solutions out there to make this a green and sustainable state. Our problem isn’t with our people. It’s with two decrepit and corrupt political parties that are wedded to the status quo and to the special interests that pollute and poison our planet.

I was asked whether I believed a two-party system can work. Generally, I believe no. We need to hear from many alternative parties and voices on the ballot. But, perhaps if those two parties were the Greens and Libertarians, we’d have a much better chance than the same old ruthless Republicans and spineless Democrats.

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  1. 48thRonin
    48thRonin says:

    I am glad that people are making the connections between the need for a change in our energy policies and the need for a change in our two party system. Sustainability is key!

  2. dael4
    dael4 says:

    Of course the current party system is worse than 2 companies selling gasoline…. no competition and the price of human life is sky high…..

    So in our “democracy” under the totalitarian (please look up the definition) George Bush we have more to worry about in our REAL freedom than the price of Gas!

  3. Dave Kovacs
    Dave Kovacs says:

    I’d like to hear Bob speak more about environmental issues. How would he deal with particular environmental problems and chronic polluters here in Ohio?

    The Democrats and Republicans have ignored environmental legislation for years. Ironically, the last major piece of environmental legislation came from the GOP–when Nixon signed the EPA.

    To preserve the future, we must begin teaching students the importance of recycling, fighting pollution, and preserving the environment. Every high school in Ohio should have a recycling club. In elementary and middle schools education can be provided on the importance of saving our planet and making it sustainable for future generations.

    As I run for the Ohio Board of Education, environmental issues are very high on my priority list for things that we need to begin implementing as early in children’s schooling as possible.

  4. justice
    justice says:

    I like your ideas. And I had forgotten that Nixon created the EPA. You know, he also did more for affirmative action than other presidents. I guess there were still some “compassionate conservatives” left in the GOP at that time!

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