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Planes, Trains and Automobiles

The suburban dream came forth on heavy government subsidies, welfare if you will, and the promise of cheap gas. Most are familiar with the story of how General Motors and Big Oil conspired to destroy the mass transit system in L.A. and other major cities. But now that we’re in one long continuous unending war for fossil fuels in the Middle East, the question is what should we do locally here in Ohio?

Planes should be the transportation of last resort, only for long distance travel or absolute necessity. Local, affordable, fuel-efficient mass transit is a must in Ohio’s major cities. The creation of a European or Japanese-style rail system is essential.

Re-thinking suburbia (“sprawlburbia”) and  promoting green architecture, which encourages people to walk instead of driving everywhere, should be accepted goals for all Ohioans.

As the price of gas reaches over $3 a gallon in the U.S., we should encourage new public policies that rebuild our cities with fuel efficient transportation instead of subsidizing suburban sprawl. For example, here in the capital of Columbus, a mass transit system should run from the northwest suburbs, down High Street, to the Ohio State University, then further down High Street to the capitol and to the downtown business center.

Also, the transit system should run just to the east of High Street to Columbus State Community College. Between Columbus State and Ohio State students, faculty and staff, tens of thousands of cars could be left at home. There would be less pollution and more community interaction. And we would be doing our part to end an illegal and unjust war for oil in Iraq. Happy Earth Day.

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  1. takebackthehouse
    takebackthehouse says:

    I agree with your message, but unfortunately both the Prez and VP are former oil execs. The earth can never have a good day while they are in charge.

  2. 48thRonin
    48thRonin says:

    Whether or not we can pull it off, it is refreshing to have a prospective governor talk like this. We need vision, not more pandering to Big Oil!

  3. dael4
    dael4 says:

    There used to be mass transit to Newark, OH and now they are expanding the freeway of State Route 161 to Newark with no consideration of mass transit.
    The general Norquistian (no taxes = no gov’t = no socialism) philosophy falls on its face here because we are now subsidizing highways at 100’s of billions annually and that is not “socialism”?????
    or Government subsidy????
    or Corporate welfare?????

    BTW, don’t look at the guy in the car next to you…. that maybe construed as socialism 😛

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