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Reviving the “No Nukes” Movement

Americans must first accept the fact that their president is criminal, and with his numerous twitches and jerks, perhaps criminally insane. But, around him is a small group of hardcore ideologues, so-called neocons.

In Ohio, we need to revive the “No Nukes” movement. The Bush administration’s dream of using “bunker busting” tactical nuclear weapons against Iran is an illegal violation of international law. Iran is no threat to the United States. Public documents indicate they are 10 years away from developing any sort of delivery system that would threaten the U.S.

It is absolutely hypocritical for the United States to allow Pakistan, which harbors bin Laden, sold nuclear weapons to the North Koreans, and created the Taliban, to have nuclear weapons while we threaten nuclear annihilation of the Iranian people. The Bush logic of saying “it’s bad to have nukes . . . so we’ll nuke you,” is beyond bizarre. The acceptance of the Israeli nuclear weapons, as well as our complicity in the creation of their nukes, must also be publicly dealt with.

It should be the policy of the United States to create a completely nuclear-free zone in the Middle East, and not allow certain pro-corporate governments to stockpile nukes while nuking or threatening to nuke their neighbors. The Bush administration has no credibility in the world. It is composed of criminal elements and their doctrine of preventive war was last echoed by the Nazis.

As governor of Ohio, I plan to fight for a demilitarized nuke-free Middle East, and I plan to request an international indictment of Bush for war crimes. Let’s make this Earth Day a new call for No Nukes!

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  1. 48thRonin
    48thRonin says:

    Some commentators have noted that the only way for Bush to pull out of his tailspin is to roll all the dice with a nuclear war. I hope this is not the case!

  2. kickass_in_columbus
    kickass_in_columbus says:

    That’s a frightening thought. But I guess W is desperate to catch up to his Daddy Bush in accomplishments.

    As Bob has pointed out, the only way W got his second term in office was to steal it!

  3. coyote
    coyote says:

    Let’s all check google earth and the USGS KML (GEO plotting lingo) link June 2 when they plan to detonate a 700 ton conventional weapon in Nevada.

    You have to have google earth and this link will post all earthquakes in last seven days on the Globe. You should have a good video card for this but it will work with any.


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