Finally, someone used the “H” word against J. Kenneth Hackwell. Jim Petro decided to state the obvious: that Hackwell is a blatant amoral hypocrite. If you haven’t seen Petro’s new commercial yet, you should catch it on the web. Hackwell’s used to going unchallenged: when he steals elections; disenfranchises voters; returns their voter registrations because they aren’t on 80-bond unwaxed white paper. Indeed, he quotes Martin Luther King, Jr. in inverse proportion to how many minority and poor votes he steals and suppresses.

Petro, his Republican primary challenger, actually pointed out that it’s hypocritical to claim that you’re right-to-life while investing in a pharmaceutical company that manufactures a morning-after pill. That it’s hypocritical to claim you’re appalled by gambling and then you’re shocked to find you have stock in the company that makes the slot machines for the industry.

Politics is getting exciting in the Buckeye State as this bare-knuckled brawl in the Republican primary exposes the utter bankruptcy of the Republican front-runner. Of course, it’s still impossible to believe Hackwell will lose the election to Petro when Blackwell will count and certify the vote. The fact that this would not be allowed in any other Democracy has eluded the corporate mainstream media in Ohio.

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  1. kickass_in_columbus
    kickass_in_columbus says:

    Most of the people I associate with think Blackwell is a hypocrite. One of Bob’s earlier posts traced Blackwell’s career (and policy stance) trajectory. Blackwell not only has no moral compass, he personifies, in a weird way, the 1960s notion that he will get power “by any means necessary.”

  2. 48thRonin
    48thRonin says:

    This Petro-Blackwell primary election brawl will be very educational for the voters. I look forward to Bob being onstage when the general election debates are held.

  3. dael4
    dael4 says:

    Did Blackwell ever debate Petro???? How can this guy run under the guise of being Religious????

    If he is “religious”, how can Ken be at peace with his conscience?

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