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Republican War, Democratic Enablers


I got to speak with Rev. Werner Lange this weekend at the “We Count” voting rights conference in Cleveland. On September 22, within an hour of the funeral of Sgt. David Gordon of Andover who was killed in Iraq, Rev. Lange took to the streets. Bearing a sign that read “Stop the war now!” Lange stood in the middle of the street in Andover’s town square and spread the following message: “Not one more life, not one more wound, not one more dime for this immoral war based on lies.” Lange was eventually arrested and taken to the Ashtabula County Jail. 

Lange’s protest is part of a new nationwide campaign of nonviolent disobedience against the illegal war in Iraq which began September 21 on the International Day of Peace. Lange is an independent candidate for U.S. Congress in Ohio’s 14th district. More of us need to take action like Rev. Lange, support his efforts, as well as his candidacy. The Republican Party is a party of war and Democratic Party are their enablers.

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