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We Count Conference, Kucinich Introduces H.R. 6200

The biggest surprise at the “We Count” conference in Cleveland was the announcement by U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich that he’s introduced H.R. 6200, a bill with 19 co-sponsors, that would require “hand counted paper, ballots counted, and posted at the precinct level” for the 2008 presidential election. To a rousing ovation, Kucinich told the assembled voting rights activists that “we heard you.”

He said, in reference to Ohio’s 2004 stolen presidential election “We understand why there’s such great concern…there are lingering questions about the 2004 election and there ought to be.”

What should not be lingering in anyone’s mind is the fact that Blackwell was the point man for Bush boys in stealing the 2004 election. We must do everything in our power to make sure Blackwell does not become governor in the Buckeye State.

To find out more about the 2004 presidential election and Cynthia McKinney’s fight against corrupt politics and election stealing, see the film “American Blackout,” by GNN, a Sundance-award winning film at Studio 35 this week through Thursday in Columbus. Another film documenting the run-up to the 2004 election in Ohio plays at the Drexel Gateway starting this Friday, October 6 – “…And so goes the nation.”

And if you want to ensure that what happened at the polls in 2004 doesn’t happen again: don’t miss the Voting Rights Revival – Tune in, Tune Up, Turn Out! voting rights event in Columbus on October 13-15 at Columbus State Community College, Nestor Hall. Starting on Friday evening we will present speakers, entertainment and workshops to prepare for the 2006 election. Workshops will organize volunteers to work as Election Protection on Election Day – observing, monitoring and videoing at the polls – legal protection – parallel elections and exit polling – and how to adopt-a-board. We will have singers, comedy, spoken word and several films and videos such as “American Blackout,” “Stealing America Vote by Vote” and more! The conference is FREE and open to the public. See the website: www.freepress.org/vrrc or call 614-253-2571.