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We Do Not Concede To The Bush Election Team In Mexico Or Here In Ohio

More than a million people were in the streets in Mexico City in perhaps the largest demonstration in the history of the western hemisphere. What’s the difference between Columbus, Ohio and Mexico City? Both had a stolen election by the same people. When I saw, a week or so before the election, that the Bush team was headed down to Mexico, you could tell that the son of a CIA director was about to steal again. Bush, Rove and Blackwell are chronic kleptomaniacs. They steal because they think they can get away with it – but that only works in Ohio. In Mexico, the difference is that people believe in democracy and they are not brainwashed by a propagandistic corporate media into ignoring the obvious.

We didn’t have a million, but I want to acknowledge the hard core voting rights activists who did hit the streets after the 2004 election and continue to fight for a fair election in Ohio to this day. My campaign is the direct result of that movement – we will not concede.

We should do everything we can to support the nonviolent civil disobedience and massive demonstrations that are rocking Mexico. I’ve enclosed two recent articles Harvey Wasserman and I have written on the elections in Mexico. Let me know what you think.

The Democrats must now say “We Do Not Concede” in the U.S. as it’s being said in Mexico

An open letter from Ohio to the people of Mexico

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  1. coyote
    coyote says:

    Investigations have shown covert/overt U.S. Interference 

    Stop U.S. Meddling In Mexican Elections here; 


    There have been Republican operatives working in Mexico, ChoicePoint has purged voting rolls there, and again voters waiting 7 hours to vote. Sounds all too familiar? This is what investigative journalists have found.

    Why are the Republicans tarnishing the good name of Democracy? No matter what party you belong to, it would be the patriotic thing to abolish this actrocity. To stand by idly, while others take democracy away in our name, is aiding and abetting. An investigation needs to be done and all those involved prosecuted for meddling in international affairs.



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