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And So The Lawsuits Are Blooming…

The first of many qui tam (fraud) legal suits has been officially filed against a major electronic voting machine manufacturer. Florida attorney Mike Papantonio, co-host with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on the Air America show “Ring of Fire,” described some of the details of the suit on Mike Malloy’s radio show.

Papatonio claims to have assembled a “dream team of lawyers” that will go after the well-known Republican operatives that are running the sham voting machine companies. Perhaps his best quote was: “When you hear the details, when you hear the caliber of the fraud . . . it’ll make Americans feel like they’re living in a damn banana republic, a Third World country. I’ve never heard such outrageous facts.”

Indeed. That’s how I felt when I first listened to the late Athan Gibbs describe the trail of money from voting machine companies that led back to conservative right-wing families and the software in the hands of a few people – in one case, the notorious Urosevich brothers. That’s why I blew the whistle on this fraud in a Free Press cover story called

“Diebold, electronic voting, and the vast right wing conspiracy.”

The disgusting details were also outlined in an article by me for MotherJones.com.

Diebold’s Political Machine

I’m indebted to Bev Harris for her expertise and guidance. Often maligned, Harris is the godmother of the movement, who fights to expose the evils of “black box voting.”

The reality we face is that a small group of Republican operatives, loyal to the former CIA Director and his son, George the Lessor, have hijacked our election process and we are, in fact, a banana republic. We have no transparency in our election process. We have privatized it to partisan, for-profit corporations who don’t make that much money off of selling electronic voting machines, but make a fortune off selling election results.

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  1. coyote
    coyote says:

    There is a plethora of vote tampering evidence coming from independent investigators and statisticians across the country. If our representatives do not recognize this insidious plague on our democracy then our country has no choice but to protest non-violently till it is fixed. One way or another WE need to get ready.

    to send a letter to your reps requesting the end of electronic voting and the use of paper ballots before this November…..

    go to

  2. working hard for bob
    working hard for bob says:

    That just goes to show you that one person can change the lives of millions. That one person is you, thank you Dr. Bob, we know none of this could have, would have happened if it were not for you. You began the fight, our tears were seen around the country.

    On behalf of every African American in the nation, because it happened to us, we thank you.

  3. dael4
    dael4 says:

    Please forward to everyone you know who is concerned about American democracy and about the very survival of our planet (see http://www.freepress.org/columns/display/3/2006/1396).

    “Election Integrity” is not a partisan issue.
    “It is a civic issue of profound importance!” – Mark Crispin Miller
    Without fair and honest elections, there is no functioning democracy!

    Learn the truth about our electoral process and the many ways it subverts the will of the people. Yes, massively fraudulent elections CAN happen and ARE happening here in America, a terrifying fact that becomes increasingly obvious as the “leadership” departs ever more radically from the views of the electorate, as registered by every opinion poll, but somehow never by an election.”

    You can help us build a Democracy Movement that seeks to reclaim the democratic ideals fought for – died for – by our founding fathers and patriots, and in ongoing struggles for human rights.

    Join the growing chorus of citizens questioning the legitimacy of our elections and so-called ‘Democracy’ in our country (see http://wecount2006.org/whyattend ) Plan to participate in:

    “We Count – A Conference about Fair Elections and Democracy”

    September 29-30, 2006
    Friday (6pm – 10pm); Saturday (9am – 9pm, with breaks for lunch,dinner)

    East Mount Zion Baptist Church

    Cleveland, Ohio

    Learn from fabulous speakers (Mark Crispin Miller, Bev Harris, Bob Fitrakis and many more–see http://www.wecount2006.org ) fighting against the implementation of privatized elections and electronic voting machines, investigating election anomalies, analyzing election data, bringing the truth about our elections to the public, developing “systems” to promote election integrity, writing articles and books, educating the public about the dangers of electronic voting, exposing the many types of voter disenfranchisement, and otherwise working for every American’s right to vote and have that vote be counted.

    Sponsors include: Election Defense Alliance, Black Box Voting, The Free Press, CASE-Ohio, Ohio Vigilance, Northeast Ohio Sierra Club, Northeast Ohio AFSC – Economic Justice and Empowerment Program, Ohio Democracy Project, J30 Coalition and others. We expect many other groups to join us.

    Participate in workshops empowering “average citizens” to play an important role in the election process, especially in the quickly approaching November 2006 elections. Learn to “participate” in democracy! For more information on workshops, see http://www.wecount2006.org/workshops.

    For more information, check out our website: http://www.wecount2006.org. Register today! Get your organization to co-sponsor the event. Volunteer to help with the conference. Donate funds to help us pay for our speakers’ travel and other expenses. Tell your friends!

    Don’t miss this historic event in the belly of the beast! Join in the Democracy Movement !

    “If your only involvement in democracy is in a voting booth 10 minutes a year, then that’s all the democracy you’re going to get.” – Ventura A.E.Simmons

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